Monday, 29 June 2015

What a Great Idea

Its the Great Ideas that count ... 

While I was out walking today - needed to clear my head, do a bit of thinking I stopped to talk to 2 new friends of mine - always stay too long and talk too much - but as we were talking Sarah showed me a photo of this cakestand and cupcakes. I just love it when I come across something interesting and creative. I have seen cupcake stands made with odd dinner plates, but using old vinyl records is something different and - the holes are predrilled. 

Isn't this a cool thing to make - I would be worried that it may bend a bit - but on the walk back I think I will make one for myself and use only 2 tiers - just 'cos I have to be different. Isn't it a lovely photo too - love those cupcakes! 

I found this another image on Pinterest - love the waves. 

Also found the Etsy shop called myEroom where you can buy the centre fittings so you can make your own. How easy is that? 


Sunday, 14 June 2015

Scarecrow and Yard Sale

Yesterday was our annual village Yard Sale and Scarecrow competition. I always love things like this. 

The weather did not turn out to be great but it did not seem to deter visitors to the village, and for a while it appeared that no-one could move their cars anywhere. There were over 70 yard sale participants and almost as many scarecrow entries. 

At the time of writing this, I am not sure who won the competition - I do always want to win, but to be honest I don't care either way. I was just thrilled with my scarecrow lady. 

To me the fun is taking part and getting all creative. Here is my entry, which I titled "Last Tango in (Paris)".  

 I made her from old clothes and stuffing. Her body is a round feather cushion which is past it's best. I cut off a bit of the roundness at one end and sewed it up on the sewing machine to make a flat top. Next I pulled an old white t-shirt over that and added a corset type of vest from my wardrobe. 

Her head is made from 2 t-shirts - both of which are past their best. I sewed a rough square from one t-shirt and stuffed it with oddments - I do a lot of crochet and always keep the ends in a bag. Also, if I have a woolly jumper that I will no longer wear, I cut it up as the softness of the fibre makes for a great stuffing.

I tied a piece of string, just less than halfway up, around the head to create a shape and then manipulated the stuffing to make full cheeks with the string naturally creating the eye line. 

I made a sort of oval shape from the second t-shirt - simply by sewing, by machine, a sort of oval shape and leaving the stitching of the sides of the t-shirt in place. I pulled this over the stuffed head and then tied it all loosely together at the bottom. 

To make the wig I used a pair of old nylon tights with the legs cut off. I pulled the excess leg parts to the back of the head and tied it into a bun. I stitched various black wool remnant lengths from a centre parting to the back of the the head and over the bun. I stitched two bangles to the roughly where the ear would be.  

To paint the face I used textile paints and sketched out big eyes, lashes and brows. These I painted in black. The mouth is very full and pouty and the cheeks are accentuated with a bit of blush. I ironed the face several times to set the paint. 

Assembly of the scarecrow was a bit tricky and I sort of made it up as I went along. I kept the stake I used for the scarecrow last year, and hammed that into the ground. I dropped the skirt over the stake and let it lie on the ground. I pushed the arm stake through the sleeves of the t-shirt and screwed it to the stake (I pre-drilled the holes). I set the arm stake deliberately skew-if so she looked like she was dancing. I tied the skirt to the body with a bit of string and pulled the vest down to cover the join and tied it up. 

I used a garden cane - cut to a point and wrapped with tape, to hold the head in place. I pushed it up the back of the body (again through the t-shirt) and into the head as far up as I could wiggle it. 

To finish it off I tied a scarf around the neck and stuck a few feathers under her hairline. I stuffed straw into the t-shirt making sure that some spilled out of the armholes. I had run a line of stitches down the middle of her chest and stuff straw into the t-shirt to make an ample bosom, which in true to life fashion, tended to end up under the arms! 

The last thing I added was a fresh rose which I stitched onto the mouth. 

I think she is great! 


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